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Image: Landsat 8 (NASA, USGS)
Path: 199
Row: 024
Date: 31-10-2016
Time (GMT +0): 10:40:16.2699970
Center latitude: 51,693192 (51°41’34”N)
Center longitude: 5,063262 (5°05’34”E)


The Landsat 8 (NASA, USGS) satellite maps the entire Earth every 16 days, by following the operational World Reference System (WRS-2) orbit, on a height of 705 km. The Netherlands is mapped within eight images. Van den Beuken was present at the centre coordinates of these eight images, on the exact same time as the satellite was there for mapping the Earth’s surface. This photo print is a zoomed-in Landsat 8 image of the centre coordinate, which shows the presence of Van den Beuken on a boat on the North Sea. Each pixel has a size of 31,25 meters on the Earth’s surface.

Centerpoint II, (2017)

C-print op aluminium

70 x 100 cm

This work was exhibited at De Aanschouw, Rotterdam (NL)


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