Mapping the Sky consists of a cartographic study of the non-physical and undefinable: how can the sky itself be defined as a space? Mapping out the sky itself as a space in its own right has never been done before. Over a period of two years, Maud van den Beuken collaborated with cartographer Falco Joosten to develop a method for defining the sky.

With technical support of ESRI, the European Space Agency (ESA), KNMI and Hasselblad.
Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)

Mapping the Sky I (print), 2015 - 2018

Framed print on White Velvet, 70 x 100 cm

Edition of 7

Photos: Peter Cox

This work was exhibited in a solo exhibition at EENWERK Gallery in Amsterdam (NL).


The research was for this project was supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) and Budgetcam.

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